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Protection Crystals in a Bottle

Protection Crystals in a Bottle
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When you receive this item make sure to set your intentions with them. Safe to keep in your purse, your car, any sacred area in your home, bedroom for high vibrational energies and intentions.

-Lapis-lazuli (also known as lapis) is the stone of peace, serenity, and peace.
-Helps relieve stress, encourages self awareness, helps to express yourself clearly.
-Bonds friendships. Declutters a busy mind.
-Correlates to the throat chakra, and the throat chakra.
-Great results when used with meditation.
-Dispels negative energies and talks.

Fun Fact: In Ancient Egypt, it was used in cosmetics for thousands of years.
Zodiacs: Taurus, Sagittarius, Libra, Capricorn.
Amethyst is the stone of calm, healing and tranquility.
-Keeps you having a clear mind. Very good for anxiety and meditation.
-Ideal crystal for productivity.
-Correlates to the crown chakra and the energies of the third eye, great to wear the jewelry close to the chakras. When placed in bedroom it enhances relaxation and peace of mind.
-Helps with safe travels, promote sobriety.

Zodiacs: Aquarius
-Tiger's Eye is the stone of courage, strength and confidence.
-Brings harmony and balance into your life.
-Correlates to the third eye chakra, and the sacral chakra.
-Helps to think more clearly, keeps your energies up, inspires success.
-Good for any health or sicknesses, and clearing sinus congestions.

Zodiacs: Leo
-Clear Quartz is a master healing stone, often used in Reiki healing.
-Amplifies other crystals and your intentions. It
-Enhances mental clarity, removes any negative energies.
-Cleanses your aura & blockages.
-Correlates to the crown chakra.

Zodiac: Aries