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Make sure to set your intention once you receive this beauty of a crystal.

Selenite is a sacred crystal, throughout history. Named after the Greek Goddess Selene, meaning "Greek Goddess of the Moon", believed to be pieces of the moon.
-Correlates to the crown chakra.
-Promotes mental clarity, dispels negative energies.
-Invites peace and quiet.
-Very powerful stone, can heal your body.
-Selenite promotes fertility, can also be next to new borns to protect throughout pregnancy for mothers to be. It attracts lights, it can charge other crystals.
-Selenite is also a stone of love , romance and success.

You may place Selenite in any sacred corner space, or any area of your body that may feel tense. Please do not place selenite near water.

Selenite Length: Approximately 1.7-2''
Diameter: .5 inches