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This Angel Choker piece is inspired by how Angels communicate with us through repeating numbers. The universe gets your attention this way, working with you, meaning you are on the right path, guiding you.


Feel the comforting embrace of divine guidance as you wear these ethereal bracelets, allowing their serene presence to uplift your spirit and soothe your soul. Whether seeking guidance, protection, or simply a reminder that you are never alone, our Angel Guidance Bracelets serve as a tangible connection to the heavenly realms.


Embrace the power of angelic assistance and invite their loving presence into your life with our Angel Guidance Bracelets. Let their delicate beauty inspire you to trust in the unseen forces that surround you, guiding you towards peace, clarity, and divine purpose. Explore our collection now and experience the heavenly embrace of angelic guidance.


Materials: Our handmade beaded chokers are made with a high quality wire string.
Acrylic number bead & faux pearls, with 5 mm stainless steel beads.

For any custom requests (number preference), enter that custom information at checkout in the "Notes to Seller" field.

Angel Guidance Choker

SKU: 0002
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